Tricks to Getting a Free Minecraft Account

Minecraft has quickly become one of the most popular games on the internet. Entering a 3d world where the only limit is your imagination is appealing to many! But with popularity has come some pretty hefty price tags, thankfully there are some tricks to get around them.

minecraft mod

It is important to know that setting up your initial account is free, the fees come in when you wish to update to a premium account. In the premium account you can invite your friends into your world. It also unlocks many different features and options that were not available in it’s standard version.

So how do you get the premium account without it costing you a penny?

Step one, if you don’t already have a standard account, you need to register for one. Don’t worry, this step will not require a credit card. In fact it just asks for your everyday information, name, email, etc.

Once you have your standard account, it is time for an upgrade! In a new tab go to At this website you will set up another account, log into this one as well (again free of charge!).

free minecraft account

Now it’s time for the magic!

Click on settings, it should be located on the upper right corner of the screen. Now you want to link the two accounts. Under connected username it will list an example option, right next to it will be a button to change this.

  1. Go ahead and click the link, a box will appear.
  2. Enter in your username for Minecraft!
  3. Once you update your username, you will need to update the password in the box below it.

It want to enter the same password that you use on your Minecraft account (I find it easier to just use the same password for both accounts). Now you are ready to connect. Don’t worry, the connect icon will not change. It will simply say connecting.

  • Now go to downloads, it will be located in the middle of the screen.
  • You need to down load the mindshafter proxy client (it will say this off to the left hand side).

Now you have a Free Minecraft Account

It will be located somewhere on your computer (but for ease of access I suggest downloading it to your desktop, otherwise you can just run a search for it). Once the proxy has been downloaded, open it up.

Enter your username and password to Minecraft and login! It is that simple to be up and running with a free Minecraft account! Enjoy endless hours of playing games with your friends!